Using Hampers In Business: Increasing Popularity Of Gift Hampers As Corporate Gifts

The practice of corporate gifting often plays a crucial role in running a business. The gifts are a way of creating a touchpoint with your business associates, employees, valued customers and prospects and help with things like employee retention, customer acquisition, maintaining healthy relations with your business partners, and so on. That said, a good deal of thought needs to go into the overall corporate gifting strategy of a particular business.

For example, the gifts one will choose for his business associates will in most cases vary from those he’ll pick for his employees. Again, when it comes to one’s top-level employees or most valued customers, the businesses will need to be much more thoughtful about the presents they choose. In general, businesses can choose from physical items such as personalized clothing, desk accessories, self-care hampers etc.; edible treats such as a Lindt chocolate hamper, gourmet food hampers and more; or, one can even settle for non-physical gifts such as an experience (concert tickets, short holiday trips, eGift cards, etc.).

However, no matter what you choose, you need to be certain that the gift is appropriate to the occasion and the recipient. At the same time, you’ll also need to have a sharp eye on the budget for the gifts, in order to get a decent ROI on your corporate gifting investment.

Using Hampers in Business

More and more, businesses across industries and sectors are warming up to the idea of using hampers as corporate gifts. This steadily growing popularity of gift hampers and gift baskets as corporate gifts can be attributed to the flexibility and convenience that hampers and gift baskets offer to business owners.

Benefits of Using Gift Hampers as Corporate Gifts

To begin with, the incredible variety in the gift hampers has to be the primary reason why they are becoming so popular with business owners. Depending on the occasion and the recipient, one can choose from a large number of categories such as chocolate hampers, whiskey/beer/wine hampers, self-care hampers, gourmet hampers and so on. And within each of these categories, one will find many sub-categories such as ‘aromatherapy hampers’ within self-care hampers, ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten free’ hampers within gourmet food hampers and the like. In addition, there are special occasion hampers such as Christmas hampers, anniversary hampers, settlement hampers, Halloween hampers etc. that incorporate the theme of the celebratory occasion into the present through the items, decorations and the overall presentation.

Secondly, a hamper from the same category can come in many different price points. For example, a chocolate or sweet treat hamper can be as conveniently priced as $75 or, if we are talking luxury hampers, the pries can reach up to $400 and more. So, again, it is easy enough for businesses to simply browse through the offerings of any well-known online gift hamper store and zero in on something that is suitable for the occasion and also agrees with their budget.

Finally, there are the personalizing options one enjoys with gift baskets or hampers. To illustrate, let’s say, you want to present one of your valuable business associates with a personalized whiskey glass and decanter set with the recipient’s initials monogrammed on both the decanter and the glasses. This is a great luxury gift idea, to be sure. However, preparing gifts like this (placing the order, following up on it if necessary, etc.) takes time on the part of the business. On the other hand, if you know that the recipient is a big fan of rosé wine, you can simply opt for a premium rosé wine hamper, and it will make for an equally impressive personalized gift.

In addition, many gift hamper companies will also offer customizable options, especially when you are ordering in bulks (commonly 10 or more hampers). This gives businesses even greater personalizing options when choosing their corporate gifts.