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July 7, 2009

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Nora Cedarwind Young• Back from PSG
• Book Review
• Washington Death With Dignity Act embraced
• National Geographic:
• Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found
• Green Burial Radio Show
• Nora's Schedule


Home Again . . .

PSGBack from an amazing week of weather and community, I am adjusting to life at home after PSG and the lovely land of Camp Zoe. Starting with downpours, washouts and floods; rain washed away my opportunity to show the Green Burial Video so many of you wanted to view…(there will be other opportunities!) Next came the unseasonable heat wave that was brutal. The amazing river there was intoxicating, and I snuck away to surround myself in its liquid essence every available moment! My beloved friends Joanna Powell Colbert and Craig Olson were well received and Craig was inspired to create a new CD, so stay tuned! I didn’t have nearly enough time with the kind and amazing Lydia Crabtree but look to future opportunities together. Sparky T. Rabbit and his lovely husband Ray celebrated 25 years of marriage and I feel I have added new gems to my heart full of the sacred treasure of friendship. Sharon organized another amazing festival; Shel, Jerri and Patrick were all so busy we did not have nearly the time we usually spend together. However, it’s the community that makes any obstacles worth venturing through to be at PSG. Community is the key word that summarizes the entire event. Community. Amazing, talented people. The beauty of the Ozarks, just divine. See you next year with more workshops on green burial and home funerals, plan on it now!

Green Burial Book featuring an Interview with Me!

Going out GreenGoing out Green by Bob Butz is one mans adventure planning his own burial. Author Bob Butz has written a smooth, quick and humorous read about planning his own end of life events. Included in this fast and funny book are four plus pages covering an interview with me and another chapter with Death Midwife and gifted teacher Rebekah Benner (who has attended one of my Midwife Intensive weekend trainings in Ohio). Butz gives oodles of practical information using his knowledge and consciousness of green living. This book is full of all sorts of interesting facts, from worms to wildlife and a whole lot more you had not thought much about. Well merged with pages of sneak up on you bust outloud laughter, (the kind that brings your sip of ice tea out through your nose) and yet comfortably remains deeply thought provoking and motivating. Going out Green is the freshest read on natural transitions and greener choices I have seen in years. This is going to be a featured book on my must read list for years to come. Available on BUY THIS BOOK TODAY!

Green and Home Funeral Conference, October 2009, Boulder, Colorado!

Register now for Green and Home Funeral Conference October 2nd and 3rd, in Boulder,Colorado, sponsored by Natural Transitions. Join presenters Billy and Kimberly Campbell founders of Ramsey Creek Preserve, the first conservation burial site in the United States. Beth Knox Founder of Crossings, Educational Resource Center for Home Funerals, Maryland, Char Barrett, licensed funeral director and home funeral guide with A Sacred Moment, Washington, Dave Robles and Marcia Racinghorse-Robles, Casket Maker and home funeral guides on an Indian reservation, Anna Louise-Stewart of Crestone End of Life Project, Colorado and Nora Cedarwind-Young, Death Midwife, Hospice Chaplain, Ceremonialist and Green Burial Educator of Washington state and Ceremonies for Life's Thresholds.  Register now!

6,000 Year Old Tombs Found!

6000 year old tombs

Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via "Crop Circles"
National Geographic is reporting a discovery from previously overlooked land. Discovered by air, it was noticed these were not like traditional crop circles that have grasses pushed flat. Further investigation revealed ancient wooden buildings and two huge 6,000 year old tombs! Check this out!

Let it Begin Now . . . Linda Fleming First Person to Utilize Washington's New Death with Dignity Law

Linda FlemingLinda Fleming was an active woman who loved the outdoors. At different points in her life, she was an avid horsewoman, birdwatcher, camper, beachcomber, hiker, dog agility hobbyist, and organic gardener. She also held strong personal beliefs and was politically active at the grass-roots level throughout her adult life.  Linda helped gather signatures for Washington’s Death with Dignity Act. When she learned she had terminal pancreatic cancer, she was grateful and relieved that she would not have to suffer for a prolonged period of time, while cancer ravaged her body and drugs debilitated her mind. She worked diligently, with no second thoughts, to comply with the terms of the Death with Dignity Act, and was at peace with her death. Blessings to Linda’s family, and to sister Linda, you are my hera. I am so proud you have helped to pave the way for so many for years to come. Blessed Be.

Radio Show Archive

If you missed the live broadcast from Thursday Night Talk Radio on, the Thursday, May 7th 7pm show is available here. The third in a series of my work as a Death Midwife, this show focused on Green Burial. Listen to the May 7th show here (MP3).

Upcoming Talks and Workshops

July and August are busy with presentations!

SummerstarJuly 16-19, 2009 - Summerstar Festival
Columbia River Gorge, Washington
presenting a NEW Green Burial DVD. Come drum, dance and enjoy the night sky and community!

July 31, August 1-2, 2009 - Northwest Lammas Festival
Van Zandt, Washington
Come celebrate the harvest, make a bread goddess and learn to weave wheat! What will you harvest?

August 8-9-10, 2009 - Thresholds of Life: An End-of-Life Intensive
Virginia, Washington DC area
A weekend intensive held in a private home on home funerals, green burial and end-of-life. FULL

August 14-15-16, 2009 - Thresholds of Life: An End-of-Life Intensive
Indianola, WA
A weekend intensive in a private home. Home funerals, green burial and end-of-life midwife education. FULL

October 3-4, 2009 - Green Burial and Home Funeral Conference, Boulder, CO.
I will be presenting a workshop on ceremony.

October 8-11 2009 - Daughters of Diana
Southwestern Wisconsin

ConvocationFebruary 18-21, 2010 - ConVocation
Detroit, Michigan

#Gaias WombFebruary 26-28, 2010 - Gaia’s Womb
Racine, Wisconsin


June 20-27, 2010 - PSG 2010 at Camp Zoe near Salem, Missouri

In the Wise Woman Tradition

As the warm weather of summertime entices us with longer hours outdoors, take time to truly look at all the things you love and value that are living on this good earth. Your abundant garden, the birdsong that blesses your morning cup of java on the porch, the bronze glow on your skin and the laugher of the kids swimming in the river….We are blessed to live on this precious earth, and we are wise to keep her healthy and vibrant. Each day as I practice my gratitude affirmation, I am also including that everyday, people are talking about changing practices at end-of-life. Small changes add up. Go ahead, have a conversation and tell those you love you want your death to be with as little impact on the earth as possible. As we change our footprint on the planet, we assure our grandchildren, and their great grandchildren will hear the songbirds while working in their gardens on a summer day also. Blessings of these warm (and hot!) days and nights, get outdoors, and do it with those you love. Enjoy!


Nora Cedarwind Young, Certified Death Midwife
Proudly reclaiming family directed choice at end-of-life.

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